PANGKARRA can help you transform an unloved backyard be it small or huge into an outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.

Here is our design process…


1- Meet

Initially a meeting is made on site to discuss your garden or project and from there we can discuss whether a plan will be needed or consultancy alone.

This initial meeting is charged at the hourly rate of $120 per hour.

2- Fee Proposal

If a plan is required, a fee proposal will be drawn up based on our initial meeting outlining the brief discussed on site.

If consultancy is the preferred option we will inform you of approximate hours required.

If needed, a plant and works proposal is drawn up at our hourly consultation fee.

3- Concept design.

We present our initial design from your brief. This is shown as a pencil plan.

This meeting is again onsite and is where we explain ideas and options. Plant choices will be shown and discussed also with material selections for hardstand areas.

At this stage, changes can be made and ideas refined.

4- Detailed design and documentation

The mutually agreed concept plans are now converted to CAD files which will have elevations and

details that can be used for construction . These files will also be DA ready if required.

5- Construction

The plans are now ready to be put out to tender to contractors and sub-contractors to implement.

This will be overseen by Pangkarra to ensure quality control.


$120 per hour with James Headland